Liquid Floor Screed

(Complying with EN206 Standards)

What is liquid floor screed? 

It is a blend of sand, cement, lime filler, water, chemicals and fibres, mixed together
to give a fluid like characteristic. It is mixed at our batching plant, then transported
using readymix trucks to site where it is transferred using a specialised pump around
the buliding to the required levels, which sets to give a smooth level floor finish. 

Advantages of using liquid floor screed.

  • Under floor heating - Liquid screed flows around all the pipe work, ensuring complete
    contact with the heat source.
  • As the liquid screed is pumped into place this minimises the risk of damage to the pipe work.
  • No need for shovels, wheel barrows, power floats, etc. 
  • Excellent smooth level finish - ready for tiling, timber, carpet etc. 
  • Reduced thickness - minimum thickness of 60mm can be achieved. 
  • Cost effective - as the screed is pumped around the building it is not labour intensive. Ideal for basements and first floor level.

We can supply and install.